Vehicle Servicing

Having your vehicle serviced by a skilled mechanic is vital in keeping your vehicle running its best. Our team will thoroughly assess your vehicle during the service, making note of any worn or damaged components that may be in need of replacement. During your service our technicians will use top quality oils and lubricants from Castrol, products which are known for their consistency and quality. We can also take care of your new car logbook servicing, so that you maintain your factory warranty. If you'd like to arrange a service with our team, contact us today.

Steering and Suspension

Another mechanical repair service offered by our skilled team is steering and suspension repairs. These components directly impact upon the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Whether it's a steering alignment, or replacing suspension components, our team will get your vehicle handling as the factory intended it to. If you are lacking confidence in your vehicle's handling, or feel that it is riding harshly on the road, visit our workshop for an assessment of your steering and suspension components.

LPG Vehicle Registrations

One of our specialist services at Christie's is our LPG registration. We are a licensed registration inspector for all LPG vehicles. If you drive an LPG car or plan on purchasing one, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss an LPG registration with our team.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

At Christie's Auto Service, our team can also repair and service your brake and clutch components. Your clutch is responsible for engaging the power from the motor, over time the plates in the clutch wear and your vehicle's acceleration may be decreased as well as the fuel efficiency. Poorly maintained or worn brakes can reduce braking power making your car unsafe for road use. If you'd like a quote on brake or clutch repair for your vehicle, contact us today.

Tyres and Wheel Balancing

At Christie's we can supply and fit tyres for all makes and models of car. We supply only the best quality, best value for money brands. Whether you are after the most affordable, best value for money tyres, or you're after tyres for added traction and improved handling, Christie's have you covered.  As well as supplying tyres, we can also balance your wheels, dramatically improving the handling of your vehicle and ensuring even tyre wear. For a quote on tyres for your vehicle and to discuss your options, please contact us.

Caravan, Trailer and Horse Float Repairs

As well as our car repairs, our highly skilled team can also repair  caravans and other trailers. Whether it's a minor service or major repair, our team will repair your trailer professionally with the highest standard of workmanship. For a quote on trailer repair, contact us today.

Timing Belt Changeover

The timing belt on an engine is responsible for ensuring that all internal components operate with the correct timing. Over time this belt wears and eventually brakes, which can potentially cause catastrophic damage internally. Depending on the engine, your timing belt should be checked at regular intervals for wear. If you are unsure on the last time your timing belt was inspected or are due for a replacement, contact us today.

Vehicle Diagnostics

At Christies Auto Service, we use the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly find faults on all makes and models. Modern vehicles rely heavily on electronics in their design and finding faults in these systems can be time consuming, trust the team at Christies for repairing any diagnostic faults. To find out more, or to book your vehicle in, contact us today.

Exhaust Repairs

If your exhaust is worn, your vehicle's power and efficiency can be dramatically decreased. Your exhaust is responsible for dispelling gases produced in the engine and over time it builds up with carbon internally, reducing power output. If your vehicle seems louder than normal, or your exhaust is rattling, contact us today to discuss a quote on an exhaust repair.